Ugh pretty annoyed. I want to see a movie in a theater 2 hours from my school, and my friends are all into it, including one that my boyfriend isn't a huge fan of. He's willing to put up with her for my sake, but he avoids her when he can. She just sent the group a message asking if it's okay if she brings her brother and his friend to the movie, and we can take her van so there's enough room...neither my boyfriend nor I are really into the idea. He's iffy on her to begin with and I don't really want to be uncomfortable and with strangers for 4 hours, but my other friend that's going already said she's fine with it and I'll feel like a bitch for saying no. Idk what to do and my boyfriend is less than helpful because he thinks he did enough by allowing her to go and now all the pressure is on me to diffuse the situation; if I say no, I'll probably piss her off (and she's a pusher so she'll bug me until I cave), and if I say yes, I'll definitely piss him off.